Patek Philippe magazine cover Patek Philippe magazine spread Patek Philippe magazine spread Lexus magazine cover Lexus magazine spread Lexus magazine spread Body Shop magazine cover Body Shop magazine spread

Images courtesy of Forward Ltd


Magazine pitches/Launches/Training

Luxury and retail clients at Forward, a top creative London-based publishing agency, were looking for outstanding customer communications to drive their brands forward and grow customer loyalty.

In response, Alison worked with Forward to develop concepts and oversee launches for a raft of highly successful, deluxe international publications, including the beautiful coffee-table magazine Patek Philippe, published in seven languages and Lexus, an award-winning lifestyle and car magazine published in four languages. She developed international strategy and an international team for Naked Body, produced for the Body Shop, as well as for several other major international brands.

Alison Ali Unlimited also provided a series of bespoke, creative training workshops to Forward, specifically tailored to the agency’s needs.

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