Creative pitch work

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From an initial brief, we come up with a bespoke creative concept – informed by the client’s brand, business and customers – as well as editorial direction, reams of contents ideas and, where required, sample layouts to take to pitch.

Magazine launches

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We have got countless new magazines off the ground and pride ourselves in launching stand-out publications that make a genuine difference to our clients’ relationship with customers.

Editorial direction

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Alison Ali Unlimited can oversee many different kinds of editorial project, national or international. We use the best newsstand writers, many of whom are bilingual; all of whom are OCD about brilliant use of language.

Branding communications


From magazines and brochures to adverts and PoS, we create high-quality material that capitalises on our love of language and knowledge of how brands work. You brief us on what you want to say, and we’ll show you how to say it…

Copywriting, PR and online communications


Alison Ali Unlimited brings journalistic sensibility and an editorial eye to copywriting and PR assignments. This means your texts are not just sharp, effective and on-brand, but something that information-swamped recipients will actually want to read.

International editorial

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We have an impressive stable of newsstand journalists, editors and translators based around the world. We understand the intricacies of communicating brands to an international audience and can ensure quality is not compromised between one language and the next.

Communications and branding strategy


Alison Ali Unlimited works with you to produce smart, insightful, creative strategies with which to engage customers and/or employees.

Creative training


We deliver workshops, seminars and follow-up sessions that help employees bring their innate creativity to bear on every piece of work they do.

Video creation and music composition


Alison Ali Unlimited works with associates to create high-quality video and award-winning musical scores, increasing brand engagement and offering your customers a rich, multimedia experience.


Alison Ali Unlimited formed the company First Forum International with two other directors, organising and running conferences overseas on subjects as diverse as Climate Change and Contract Law.